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Natalie Mellin has over 10 years’ of industry experience in Diversity & Inclusion, Communication and Employee Engagement. Her speciality lies in utilising Behavioral Economics in a digital space.

She started her career in native Stockholm with Gender, Art Studies and volunteering for Scandinavia’s largest Pride festival, before moving to London to consult for several blue-chip companies like GE Capital, Santander and AstraZeneca and many more.

Back in native Stockholm since 2014, first with the game maker King to roll out an Employee Engagement strategy with a key focus on Diversity & Inclusion as well as overall Employer Brand. A strategy that delivered the team close to 20 nominations and awards. She also enhanced King's ways of measurement and introduced a new Inclusion Index, while many others still focused solely on diversity numbers. During her years there, she saw metrics consistently above the norm of high performing organizations.

Most recently she was at Spotify setting up the R&D organization to move from awareness to actual change. Natalie also headed up the design and running of the largest Inclusion Summit Spotify has every held. With a growth at close to 90% from the year before she created and enabled 150 new Inclusion Change Agents to take on and continue to drive change past her departure.

She is a strong believer of 'sharing is caring'. Which has led to her being known as an inspiring and transparent facilitator, keynote speaker and panellist at events and forums like LinkedIn, Facebook, newspaper Expressen, The Gender Equality Forum and many other events.

Overall, Natalie is a strategic, yet hands-on, operational leader focused on implementing key steps to fulfil the company’s mission and vision. Partnering with teams across the business, she influences and supports leadership and employees alike, all to reach the end goal of higher employee engagement, diversity and inclusion.

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