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No two businesses are the same, all require different levels of engagement.
Based on your assessment, a highly tailored programme of events is created. Offering anything from strategy design to inspirational lectures or a more in depth unconscious bias workshops.

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Through strategic, yet hands on, partnership with you as the client, an initial kick off deals with defining the problem and aspiration. We then design effective, evidence-based, diversity & inclusion strategies and measurements. Starting small, we test and act fast. Drawing on expertise in Behavioural Economics, change management and working ‘inhouse’, we seamlessly act as an extension of your team.


Through customized trainings and workshops, we accelerate your strategic journey to create a more inclusive workplace. Training is provided for all levels, from individual contributors to leaders of your company, in Unconscious Bias, Inclusive Leadership and in how to create your own Change Agent Programme.
Each training is based on research with strong focus on actions and Behavioral Economics.


Every now and again you need just a little bit more. Maybe you need to cover a gap or kick off your strategy. 

Embedding within your business to understand area for improvement, enables swift change to be made and an ongoing dialogue for maximising the potential within your workforce and products.


Happy to consider speaking engagements such as inspirational and dynamic talks and panel appearances. Predominantly talking about;

  • Learnings from the Tech industry

  • How to create an effective and tangible Strategy

  • Hacking Tech's Diversity problem

  • Inclusive Leadership

  • Behavioural Science in the workplace

  • Unconscious Bias workshops that drives change

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