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"During my time working with Natalie, I most appreciated her strengths communicating effectively on tough and sensitive topics, her ability to look at problems from different angles, and her support for new and unique initiatives.
While she is at ease in speaking with large groups in depth on diversity and inclusion, I also found that she is effective in inspiring people through broadly shared written communications. In one memorable case, she did this before the last International Women’s Day with a insightful blog posting. That also inspired me to deliver an impactful message to my department.  In another case, she helped frame and execute a unique initiative to examine masculinity norms that the participants (including myself) found both personally and professionally developing. Finally, I appreciate her ability to customize her engagement approach to fit the audience.  For our technology team, she really understood the importance and impact of leveraging and tracking data and metrics as a way to bring along a technical audience."

Tyson Singer, VP Technology , Spotify

"Natalie is one of the most passionate and knowledgeable people I've met within the Diversity & Inclusion area. She has the data and knowledge to explain this area to anyone at any level as well as the drive to get this topic up as a strategic agenda item. I really learnt a lot from working with Natalie and recommend her highly!"

Åsa Bredin, FVP Technology, King

"From the moment I first met Natalie, I was taken by her ability to connect with people and put them at ease. She is a joy to work with – intelligent, energetic, extraordinarily passionate, and creative. Natalie has a genuine, authentic, essential, desire to make the workplace (and no doubt the world) better for everyone. She drove the employer brand and diversity and inclusion agendas keeping momentum with fresh thinking, innovative approaches and a sense of fun. She is highly collaborative – always willing to listen, challenge, explore ideas and offer support. 

Natalie is more than an expert; she’s an accomplished change agent, a great thinking partner, a genuinely inspirational speaker and fantastic facilitator."

Wayne Mullen, Head of HR, The Workshop

"Natalie is a hard working and inspirational woman and has during the years showed remarkable knowledge and skills in how to go from talk into action and behavioural change. Using the knowledge about Unconscious bias as a foundation, she creates an non-blaming approach into the the world of Diversity and why the mix of people is good for business. She also makes the mix work by having loads of nuggets on how to become more Inclusive.
I strongly recommend a meeting with Natalie about how to put up a D&I strategy that will support your company to become more innovative."

Mårten Källman, Academy Lead, King

"Natalie's talk and workshop opened our eyes to the small details that make a big difference in everyday life. She communicated this difficult topic very positively and understandable, making it approachable for everyone; newbie or expert. This resulted in an inspired crowd that felt empowered to rethink their daily routines and create a new work environment."

Sybille Paulsen, Content, Delivery Hero

"I had the pleasure of working with Natalie at King. She is a bold, fearless and innovative champion for diversity. She combines this passion with pragmatic and measurable results and I would highly recommend her services to anyone."

Nicki Sheard, CMO, Charlotte Tilbury Beauty

"Everything I know about D&I, I owe it to Natalie! Natalie is truly serious and passionate about D&I and her love for data just makes it even better. We worked closely together on PR and communications projects linked to D&I and I couldn't have asked for a better tutor. She's a phenomenally engaging speaker and was often requested to do both internal and external talks at King. I recommend anyone who wants to become serious about their D&I work to consult Natalie."

Charley Tesch, PR Manager, King

"Her thoughtful nature allows her to easily readjust to client needs, and she could be counted on to listen carefully, communicate clearly, and always share an original vision. Most importantly, Natalie's approachability adds a personal touch to her professional relationships, which makes working with her very easy."

Aleksandra Dura, Daggerwing group

"...From the first time I met Natalie she impressed me with her way of balancing innovation and creativity alongside with strategic thinking, data, and proven methodology.

Among other things, she developed a diversity & inclusion strategy that took the company to the next level and showed tangible results. She implemented the strategy by using creative and innovative solutions. I was impressed by Natalie's project management skills and how she always seemed to keep up with the latest trends. She's very passionate about her work and always goes the extra mile...

Robert Käck, Talent & Culture Director, iZettle

"...She has a real passion for the subject which is obvious to see when working with her. She taught me a lot that has been useful for my day to day work and that I have been able to pass on to others. Natalie is happy to tailor the output to the audience but will always com with her own suggestions first. It was always a pleasure to work with Natalie!"

Susie Harris, Chief Legal Officer, King

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